Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below will provide a useful guide to help you understand how SwiftPac works.

Why should I sign up for an Account?

A. In order to use SwiftPac’s Services, you must be registered in our database. Walk-in customers can be registered at the office or warehouse. You can sign up online here.

Where can I sign up for a SwiftPac Account?

A. You can sign up for a SwiftPac account online at or by downloading the SwiftPac Mobile App for Android and creating one. You can go to any SwiftPac office or warehouse.

How do I sign up for a SwiftPac Account?

A. Go online to and click on the Sign Up Here button, select the type of account you prefer and fill in the information. Be sure to enter a valid email address and phone number. Check your email for your welcome letter and account information and you can start using SwiftPac’s services. You can also download the SwiftPac Mobile App and click the ‘No Account? Create one’ button on the Startup screen or sign up at any SwiftPac office.

What SwiftPac accounts can I sign up for?

A. SwiftPac offers two types of accounts. You can choose from a Free Regular account or a Premium account.

Is there a cost for a SwiftPac Account?

A. There is NO COST for a SwiftPac REGULAR or Commercial account. Just sign up and start using SwiftPac’s services. PREMIUM Membership  costs US$8.95 for 7 Days, US$19.95 for 30 Days, US$79.95 for 6 Months and US$109.95 per year. PREMIUM membership offers many special benefits, such as Cargo Consolidation.

Can I use my SwiftPac Account for my mails and other important items?

A. Yes. You can use your SwiftPac account Address for your mails, purchases and cargo deliveries.


What is Internet Shopping?

A. Internet shopping refers to shopping being conducted via the internet by an individual. Click on the Purchasing Service image on the home page to start shopping Or click on the Shop Online link next to this option. Be sure to take advantage of the Discounts and Coupons.

What is Personal Shopping?

A.Personal Shopping refers to purchases that are requested by a shopper requiring SwiftPac or our Associate to physically make a purchase. This includes store pick-up. To make a request click on the Submit a Purchase Request button under Swift Tools on the home page and fill in the request form or visit any SwiftPac office and speak with a Sales Associate.

If I want to make a purchase but don’t have a computer, supplier or card, will SwiftPac make the purchase for me?

A. Yes. You can visit any of our locations where our friendly staff will assist you with making your purchases. We accept cash payments from walk-in customers; credit/debit card is not necessary.

Do you have Fees for Shopping?

A. Yes. A standard service charge of $5.00 USD (13.50 XCD) is applied to each Purchase Order UP TO USD 50.00. Purchases exceeding USD 50.00 in values is subject to 9.5% commission/ service charge. Insurance is mandatory for all purchases.

How do I request a Quote for a Product I want to Purchase?

A. To request a quote click on the Submit a Purchase Request button on the left side menu on the home page . You will be directed to a form which you will need to fill out with information on the item(s) you require. Once you submit this form our staff will verify the availability of the item(s) and pricing and get back to you via email with an estimated cost of procuring and shipping the items. You can also get your quote by logging into your account. We will not proceed with a purchase until you approve the quote. You can also use our Get a Quote and Customs Duty Calculator to get an estimate on what it may cost you to ship your item(s).

What or Who are Affiliates?

A. SwiftPac has teamed up with some of the top online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.., in order to provide our customers with easy and up-to-date access to their latest items, sales and discounts. To access these affiliate sites click on Shop Online or visit our Purchasing Service Partner page to see the latest promotions and deals.

How can I Become a SwiftPac Affiliate?

To become an Affiliate, submit the Affiliate Registration Form and Supporting Documents including Business Registration, Tax Registration, Business Licenses and Certifications, as requested. SwiftPac will evaluate your application and notify you of acceptance or rejection within a few weeks.

 CLICK TO VIEW SwiftPac Affiliate Program Guidelines

Do you offer Deals and Coupons?

A. Yes. To see the latest specials and access coupons you can click on the Shop Online button on our home page.


What can I ship with SwiftPac?

A. SwiftPac will accept and ship all your cargo and packages. This includes small packages and envelopes, internet shopping, barrels, vehicles, commercial and household cargo.

How do I acquire a US Mail Box from SwiftPac?

A. Go online to and register for Free or get Premium membership. To request this service click on the Sign Up Here button on the top left Login/Signup tab.


How do I get your Shipping Rates?

A. Go to, fill in the Get A Quote form on the Home page (look for the Calculator icon) then click the Get Rates button. You can also click Quote & Ship under the Swift Tools menu to get a quote and create a shipment if desired.

Where can I view the transit times?

A. Click on the Services dropdown on the top menu and select Air Cargo then click on the FLIGHT SCHEDULE tab Or select Ocean Cargo and click on the SHIPPING SCHEDULE tab to view transit times.
You can also visit the Resources & Tools page and click the Go button next to Air Shipping Schedule or Ocean Shipping Schedule.


What is the US Warehouse Address?

A. SwiftPac Logistics Warehouse is located at 2281 NW 82nd Avenue – Doral, Florida – 33122.

What are the Opening Hours for the Warehouse?

A. The Doral Warehouse is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:30 PM.

How do I Track my Packages?

A. Log in to your account on with your user name and password then in the Track Your Packages form, enter tracking or warehouse number(s) separated by comma (,) to track the status of your packages.
You can also track via the Mobile App by entering the tracking or warehouse number (one at a time) into the search bar.

What is Consolidation?

A.  Consolidation is an automated process by which our cargo management system combines two (2) or more packages or cargo belonging to *active Premium Customers into a single shipment, as requested by via Pre-Alert.
NOTE: We do not remove cargo from original packaging and do not reweigh packages during the consolidation process.
It reduces freight and Local handling charges at final destination – providing significant savings to customers and *Customs Processing Charges where applicable.
To request this service, you MUST Pre-Alert your packages. When all packages for Ocean have arrived at the Warehouse, log into your account and click the Manage your Cargo button. This will open the “My Warehouse” page. Click the CONSOLIDATE button (Ocean). Complete your request by checking the box next to each package to be included in the Consolidation and Click Submit. For Air Shipments, Premium Customers will receive consolidation ONLY for packages shipped in the SAME SHIPMENT. Packages for Air Consolidation cannot be placed on Hold.

What are my Storage Options?

A. SwiftPac Logistics warehouse, located in Doral,  is a fully air-conditioned warehouse with equipment designed to receive, sort, store, and distribute safely and efficiently. The staff is extensively trained in Warehouse operations and control including the handling of perishables and hazmat items. The extensive screening system provides the ultimate level of security with different layers designed to interact seamlessly with our cargo management system.

Do I need a Customs Broker for my Cargo?

A. SwiftPac provides all the services required to ensure the smooth movement of cargo and packages from Supplier to Customer. Throughout our network our team of Agents and Brokers will ensure that once you have requested our assistance, your experience will be an enjoyable one. To request this service click on the  Request customs brokerage button under Swift Tools menu on the home page, choose Warehouse Services Request then select . Please note that payment of customs duties and taxes is due before merchandize is released by customs authorities. Total duties and taxes must be paid by the customer or their representative. Based on customer request, SwiftPac may undertake to pay duties and taxes on behalf of a customer. Reimbursement for duties and taxes is due immediately upon the receipt of invoice and will attract 10% service charge. This policy is applicable to all SwiftPac services EXCEPT the US Mailbox Service.

What is a Hazmat Shipment?

A. SwiftPac operates under the DOT and IATA regulations and standards which allows us to safely receive, store and ship classes Eight (8) and Nine (9) items.**fees may apply*. MSDS sheets for each shipment which is an OSHA requirement provides a guide on handling, packaging and treatment should a breach occur.

What is Shrink Wrapping?

A. SwiftPac offers shrink wrapping services upon request from a customer. Shrink wrapping is ideal for cargo that is loose and has the potential to be damaged during shipment. **fees may apply*.

Do you offer Pick-Up & Delivery?

A. SwiftPac’s Logistics Network is designed to move cargo and packages from door to door. We offer Commercial and Domestic pick-up and delivery throughout our network. Request a pick-up or delivery and we will take care of your cargo from door to door or to destination port.


What are my Options for making Payment to SwiftPac?

A. SwiftPac offers many Payment Options, including:
– Cash at our SwiftPac Offices
– Credit Card Payment (VISA, MASTERCARD, DEBIT CARD)
– Direct Deposit to our Account
– Wire Transfer (Instructions will be given upon request)

Can I pay for my cargo when it arrives at the Warehouse?

A. When a shipment arrives at the warehouse and a notification is sent,  an option for payment will be received automatically. Dimensions and rates are incorporated into calculation and an approximate price is given (price can be given inclusive of Customs Duty and Delivery).
Your cargo may also be shipped freight collect and you pay at destination (*fees apply).

Do you accept Credit Card?


Is Insurance offered with my Shipment?

A. Yes. Insurance is offered with almost all shipments at a rate of US$1.25 for items purchased that are under US$100.00. For any item over US$100.00 insurance is calculated as the cost of item x 1.25%.
Personal effects shipped by barrel & boxes are not eligible for insurance. In most cases, it is not possible to observe the condition of the merchandize when packed by customer. In addition, a reliable invoice for the items is not provided by customer. SwiftPac shall not take responsibility for damages and spillage due to poor or improper packaging and shall not compensate for any claim of loss where an accurate packing list or invoice was not tendered with shipment and where losses may have occurred at Port or Customs.

Can I change my Password after sign-up?

A. Yes. Just log in to your account then click on the Account button at the right end of the top menu then select the Change Password option. Fill in the new password and Click Update.

How can I View what’s in my Cart?

A. To view what’s in your cart, go the View Cart Page . If there are no items in the cart, click the SwiftPac Shop button under Swift Tools. Select an item and click Add to cart. A view cart link will appear on the right of the button. Click the link to see your item(s).

How can I Upgrade to a Premium Account from a Regular?

A. To upgrade, log into your account and click on the Upgrade Now button on the red login panel. Once you submit the request you will be billed and an invoice provided.

What is the difference between a Regular and a Premium Account?

A. Our Free Regular and Premium accounts give you access to all of SwiftPac’ services. However, the Premium account offers Lower Shipping Rates, Larger Discounts and some Free SwiftPac Services. A Premium upgrade allows you to request Consolidation services when you Pre-Alert your items and to choose a Release Date for shipment.

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