Package and Cargo Insurance

SwiftPac strongly recommends that Shippers insure eligible Packages and Cargo to be shipped.
A valid invoice is required in order to establish Shipment Value.

Is Insurance offered with my Shipment?

SwiftPac automatically insures Courier Packages at a rate of US$1.25 for items valued up to US$100.00. For any item over US$100.00 insurance is calculated as the Cost of item X 1.25%.


A valid invoice from the supplier must be provided when the package or cargo arrives SwiftPac Warehouse for shipping in order to ascertain the value of the item(s) to be shipped. It is the responsibility of the customer to present invoices for shipments. Packages and cargo arriving SwiftPac warehouse without a valid invoice shall be given an assumed (minimum) value between US$1 and $100 for shipping purposes only. The minimum insurance shall apply and compensation for any loss or damage shall be limited to that value.

Notwithstanding, where a customer neglects to provide a valid invoice for a shipment, the warehouse receiving personnel may choose to give a value higher than the minimum to package or cargo where there is a reasonable assumption that the true value of the item being received exceeds the minimum value. It is not an obligation of the warehouse to provide estimated value and cannot be held responsible for the estimated value assigned to cargo or package.

Are there any items not covered under Swift-n-Sure?

Personal effects shipped by barrel & boxes, used items, perishable and some fragile items are not eligible for insurance. In cases where it is not possible to inspect the condition of the merchandise packed by customers in packages such as Barrels and Containers, SwiftPac shall not take responsibility for spillage, loss, or damages. SwiftPac shall not take responsibility and shall not compensate for loss or damage due to poor or improper packaging and shall not compensate for a claim of loss where a valid invoice was not tendered with shipment and where losses have occurred after arrival at destination, at customs, port or during local clearance and transport.

Insurance Policy Terms & Conditions

  1. Declared value is the value provided by a Customer or Shipper.

  2. SwiftPac Assigned value:  Is an Estimated Value that is assigned to a package or cargo tendered for Shipment in the absence of a valid supplier invoice. Where Supplier Invoice is Not Provided, the Assigned Value shall be an amount US$100.00 or lower, based on the discretion of the receiving agent.

  3. SwiftPac Maximum Insured Value: This is the maximum risk value for packages or cargo by SwiftPac.
    Customer or Shipper may be required to seek additional insurance where value of Cargo exceed SwiftPac Maximum Insured Value.

    a.  It is the responsibility of the customer to provide Supplier Commercial Invoices and to ensure that packages and cargo are adequately insured.

    b.  Declared value MUST be supported by a Supplier Invoice. Where declared value is NOT supported by a Supplier invoice, SwiftPac shall assign a value for shipping purposes. This value shall not exceed US$100.00.

    c.  Where declared value is supported by a Standard Supplier Invoice; Insurance is charged at SwiftPac Insurance Rate.

    d.  Where there is No Declared Value or No supplier invoice; SwiftPac Assigned Value shall apply at standard insurance charges.

    e.  SwiftPac Maximum Insured Value for Cargo and Package with supporting invoices is US$10,000 and US$100 where supporting invoices is not provided.

    f.  Cargo and Packages exceeding SwiftPac Maximum value will require additional insurance coverage by the Customer.

    g.  SwiftPac DOES NOT INSURE Personal Effects. Customers shipping personal effects must be notified. In the event of loss or damage, customers shall be limited to a refund of part or total freight paid for such cargo.

    h.  Items not eligible for SwiftPac Insurance:

    • Used Equipment and Cargo.
    • Seafood and Perishable Products.
    • Live Animals
    • Other high-risk products where quality, value, and or functionality cannot be determined or controlled.
  4. The following items shall require Special Insurance:

      • Fragile items and Items of Glass
      • Televisions and Computers
      • Seafood, Live Animals and Perishable Products
      • Vehicles
      • Liquids and Chemicals
Insurance Claims

Insurance claims must be submitted within 3 business days of pickup or delivery of goods, whichever occurs first.

All claims must be verified by Swift-n-Sure authorized personnel and must be accompanied by proof of purchase, evidence of loss including actual merchandize, and/or photographs of damage. Claims must be made upon receipt of merchandize and no later than 48 hours after receipt.

Email Claims to: [email protected] or Call: 305 735 8151 / 784 456 5400.

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