Swift-n-Sure: Package and Cargo Insurance

Swift-n-Sure is insured protection for your packages and cargo in case of loss or damage. Pay USD $1.25 for up to USD $100.00 or 1.25% of the declared value of merchandize. It applies to all qualifying merchandize from the time of arrival at our warehouse or place of storage or at the place named by SwiftPac as facility, commencement of the transit, continues during the ordinary course of transit and terminates either on delivery to (a) the Consignees’ or other final warehouse or place of storage at the destination named or (b) to any other warehouse or place of storage, whether prior to or at the destination named by the assured elect to use either.

What Swift-n-Sure covers?

  • Refund of customer’s purchase cost upon presentation of invoice.
  • Returns of items incorrectly shipped to shippers/ supplier in continental United States. We reserve the right to return the item to the shipper, or reimburse the customer for the declared value of the merchandize.

What is not eligible for Return to shipper/supplier?

  • Cargo originally shipped by Ocean
  • Cargo originally shipped as Air Cargo consignments exceeding 100 Lbs.
  • Consignments that have been requested to be consolidated

General Notes: Some merchandize are not covered under Swift-n-Sure. *See List*

Barrels & Boxes- Personal Effects

Personal effects shipped by barrel & boxes are not eligible for insurance. In most cases, it is not possible to observe the condition of the merchandize when packed by customer. In addition, a reliable invoice for the items is not provided by customer. SwiftPac shall not take responsibility for damages and spillage due to poor or improper packaging and shall not compensate for any claim of loss where an accurate packing list or invoice was not tendered with shipment and where losses may have occurred at Port or Customs.

Insurance Claims
All claims must be verified by Swift-n-Sure authorized personnel and must be accompanied by proof of purchase, evidence of loss including actual merchandize and/or photographs of damage.
Claims must be made upon receipt of merchandize and no later than 48 hours after receipt.
Email Claims to: customerservice@swiftpac.com or Call: 305 735 8151 / 784 456 5400.

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