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Quotes are based on information provided by the shipper. Shipments are subject to verification by SwiftPac or Agent where available. SwiftPac reserves the right to validate, inspect and reassess charges for any package or cargo previously quoted online. Any assessed additional charge will be billed to the credit card on file or to consignee at the destination..

Online Quotes may differ from rates provided by an agent and are only valid for the service selected. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Rates are not valid for dangerous goods, goods containing batteries, perishables, temperature-controlled, non-stackable cargo and shipments that may require special handling. We do not accept or ship firearms, explosives, currency and illicit substances. Shipments to/from the United States are subject to TSA regulations.

Payment made online is considered full payment or part payment for transportation of courier or cargo from Origin to Destination. Duties and Taxes are not included. By tendering a shipment, you agree to pay all applicable charges for the Transportation and/or Delivery of that Shipment.

Please acknowledge your agreement to the Terms of Use Above.


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