Warehouse Requests

SwiftPac provides all the services required to ensure the smooth movement of cargo and packages from Supplier to Customer. As part of this process, we provide a wide variety of warehouse services which includes:


SwiftPac Doral Warehouse uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR Technology) to process packages. This means that when packages are delivered to SwiftPac Warehouse, a machine with High-Definition Cameras and Scanners scans and receives packages. This greatly speeds up the processing of Pre Alerted packages. A slower Manual Process handles Packages that are not Pre Alerted.

All of a customer’s packages will be processed but Pre Alerted packages are processed and shipped to destination much faster. Customers must ensure that their First & Last Name and Account Number and the correct address (2281 NW 82nd Ave, Doral FL, 33122), are used when Shopping. We advise customers to Pre-Alert packages once the tracking number is received from the Supplier. Customers should include the correct Item Description and Value and upload their Supplier invoice.

SwiftPac offers the following Shipping Modes:
Small Package Courier: Express & Regular Air
Cargo: Air Cargo & Ocean Cargo.


Consolidation is an automated process by which our cargo management system combines two or more packages or cargo belonging to an *active Premium Customer into a single shipment, as requested via Pre-Alert.
NOTE: We do not remove cargo from original packaging and do not reweigh packages during the consolidation process.
It reduces freight and Local handling charges at destination – providing significant savings to customers and *Customs Processing Charges where applicable. Visit our Service Guide page to see how to make a request for this service.


SwiftPac logistics warehouse is located in Doral. It is a fully air-conditioned warehouse with equipment designed to receive, sort, store, and distribute safely and efficiently. The staff is extensively trained in Warehouse operations and control including the handling of perishables and hazmat items. The extensive screening system provides the ultimate level of security with different layers designed to interact seamlessly with our cargo management system “CargoTrack”. Visit our service guide page to see how to make a request for this service.


SwiftPac operates under the DOT and IATA regulations and standards which allows us to safely receive, store and ship classes Eight (8) and Nine (9) items.**fees may apply*. MSDS sheets for each shipment which is an OSHA requirement provides a guide on handling, packaging and treatment should a breach occur. Visit our service guide page to see how to make a request for this service.


SwiftPac offers shrink wrapping services upon request from a customer. Shrink wrapping is ideal for cargo that is loose and has the potential to be damaged during shipment. **Fees may apply*. Visit our service guide page to see how to make a request for this service.

Pickup and Delivery

SwiftPac’s Logistics network is designed to move cargo and packages from door to door. We offer commercial and domestic pick-up and delivery throughout our network. Request a pick-up or delivery and we will take care of your cargo from door to door or to destination Port. Visit our service guide page to see how to make a request for this service.

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